Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I stand corrected...

So last year you were able to hear me rant and rave about how videography needed to step up to the plate if it wanted to be considered as important as photography.... well- now that I am planning my own wedding... I am singing a wee different tune. I have been exposed to some AMAZING videographers over the last couple of months! Their prices are comparable with wedding photography... but then again, so is their product! They have taken their craft to the next level and so I am thrilled to introduce you to them:

1. Simply Cinematic
They are located out of Orlando and do great work. They describe themselves as photo-journalistic, unobtrusive... but with a slightly editorial twist. There are no giant lights in the guests' faces... no staged false memories... just a cleverly edited product that is reflective of the day as it unfolded. I love that they focus so much on all of the little moments that go into the overall celebration. The way the flower girl pouted in the corner, the expression of mom when she is frazzled... a bride that is a little nerveous- I love that each wedding is different and it seems that there is not a set structure of "shots" that they aim to get, rather they let it unfold as it may... BRAVO! (And their trailer sites... shown above are equally cool! photo by Agnes Lopez)

2. Four Seasons Films
This team of videographers is so amazing... they start with arial views of the entire area- they bring all of those elements that went into planning the theme (location, season, climate) and tie them into the wedding itself through an intricately woven video. I love how amazing their shots are, how fluid and grandose their overall execution is. This is a GREAT videographer if you are having a wedding at a resort or a weekend of festivities... their transition and ability to include so many elements in a seamless manor makes them one of my top three.

3. Cinematic Bride
Joshua has taken videography to the next level- I warn you that should you choose to visit his site, you will be there for hours... as each and every trailer and bridal video draws you in closer and closer. These videos do not only tell the day, they connect with their audience and provoke emotion- they aren't a wedding video... they are a cinematic masterpiece! Don't be too overly frightened by the HUGE price tag on the largest package, if you are willing to make way in your budget, there are more modest but equally substancial packages offered- and he'll travel... anywhere!


phyllis said...

I absolutely agree with your rants about someone who works in the creative field (graphic design) and is also planning a wedding, I was pretty appalled with the offerings for wedding videography. I would rather shoot and edit it myself...too bad I can't be behind and in the front of the camera =P. But I'm kind of glad you've proved me wrong as well!

I especially love what Joshua is doing on Cinematic Bride. Finally, someone who does quality editing and has a eye for composing a shot! I would also bet he's using some better equipment. Unfortunately I'm also a bride on a budget (a TIGHT budget) so I'll still opt the film school friend route, but for those brides who can afford it, I hope you go with some of these better quality options!

People St.Clair said...

Being from NC and seeing a lot of local planners use four seasons films, I have to say their work is stellar. If there is a way to capture a wedding they know how to do it!

MissTee said...

Wow I stumbled upon your blog and found this post! Simply Cinematic was my videographer for my December wedding and OMG ... AMAZING WORK! Best investment we made! You can see our trailor on their website - Jessica & Brett :) We can not say enough wonderful things about them! Worth EVERY penny!

P.S. We hated every other videographer we found! eeek!

Anonymous said...

I love four seasons films. I had called to book them for a wedding and they were already booked, but they gave me the number of someone who could do it. Andy and Stephanie Jackson of Portal Films. Andy is their nephew and he trained under them. Andy and Stephanie produced this beautiful super 8 video with custom music for my bride. I could get lost in wedding videography for hours.