Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm Back! (For anyone that may still stop in...)

So the holidays turned into the new year and one trip has lead to another... and alas- I am back in the daily blogging spirit!

The bags are unpacked and my washer is in overload... but I am home and it feels WONDERFUL! Looking back, last year was really great for me. I was able to find my place in this great big world, embark upon a few new ventures, and ultimately decide the path I would like to travel.... so what lies ahead in 2008?

I predict that this year will be the best one yet- as I am working really hard on starting my on business (launching Fall 09)... I'll be traveling quite a bit throughout the year... I have some amazing weddings that I am working on... among them- I have my OWN wedding- as well as my sister and very close cousin..... It is going to be a great year in my neck of the woods! And what better way to start the year off then to give you a little list of things I am inspired by right now?

1. Foo Dogs

2. Carnies and Caravans

3. Vintage Children's Book Illustrations

4. Glamour of a lost age...

5. Kate Sutton


Nicole Block said...

welcome back!! i missed you!! =)

little dough BIG Dream said...

You're back!! Your blog used to be the first I visited every time I logged in to check out wedding blogs. I'm so happy to see you're blogging again :-)

People St.Clair said...

glad to see you back, I missed your blogging :)