Monday, September 24, 2007

Snapshot: Eric Laurits

My taste is ever-evolving... and while I still have a place in my heart for what I call "candy photography"- you know the colors that really pop... such eye candy... I have to say that I am slowly being drawn to styles that are more raw... (hence the previous post on Brangelina's spread)... these are a few photos from Eric Laurits portfolio... I really love the artistic approach- and the deep color saturation... loving that there is an honesty .... and I gotta say that the first and last pictures of the bride are my favorites...
what do you look for in photography?


perfect bound said...

I love each and every one of these photos. I have to admit, for my own wedding, I'm thinking of something a bit more conservative. I'm not sure I could strike this pose in a gown. But who knows!

Anonymous said...

Eric Laurits was my wedding photographer. The photos were much more conservative and they were absolutely beautiful and classy. Everyone loves them.

The photos you showed above are his more "artsy" poses.