Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lost In Translation... Decor.

Rule Two: Don't force it.

There is nothing worse then being slapped in the face with indicators that this is what the party "theme" is over and over. It's like sitting next to a talkie at a movie who wants to tell you that "oh this is a funny part coming up, watch"... if you have to tell someone it is funny then you are belittling their humor-radar... the same holds true for weddings and events. If you feel that the substance of the event is not enough on its own and you have to keep reiterating the fact that there was a distinct vision in this design (i/e: over prop-ing or mega-styling the event) then chances are that your original vision was not carried out to its fullest potential.

You want to create a unique experience for your guests unlike any other. You want it to draw inspiration from great design and you want it to be pulled together- but you don't want it to be one-note. Great, meaningful events (reguardless of budget) are formed from a series of complex layers that work together to form a complete thought... a well rounded story. There needs to be emotion. There needs to be a little drama. There needs to be something unexpected. Events, in my opinion, are an extension of you. The way you entertain is NOT mutually exclusive from the way you live.

When styling a room in your home or putting together an outfit what are the things that you first consider? Is it color selection or patterns or an overall "feel" that you are trying to convey? Do you find yourself falling in love with a one piece and then building around it or do you try to match like-minded pieces together to form a whole? Are you into making a statement through a focal piece or do you tend to design through accessories? These are questions that I encourage brides to explore.

Use your own aesthetic and design method to allow the event to unfold. I believe that inspiration boards are very powerful tools. I encourage every bride to have a cork board that they can add and take away from throughout the process. I usually suggest that brides have a second board next to the wedding board. This board is specifically for items that are non-wedding related. Throughout the process, be sure to cross-reference and see how closely your vision for the day matches who you are outside of the wedding world.

When faced with an amazing idea in a magazine, ask yourself the relevance of that element to YOUR wedding. It is okay to admire someone else's creativity and wit, but know that your wedding is indicative of YOUR story and thus it is unnecessary to "keep up with the Jones". The most endearing events are not those that try to do EVERYTHING... they are the ones which keep moderation and restraint in mind. When you feel as though you are being torn in a dozen directions with the style of the wedding, distance yourself from the design. Don't allow over-saturation of ideas to be the driving force behind your To-Do List.


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