Monday, December 3, 2007

Snapshot: Jason Wallis

I don't know how I stumbled over Jason's blog... I just know that once I did- I was so very captivated. I think that I am drawn to photographers that are not promarily "wedding photographers". While I completely agree that not every great photographer can shoot a wedding (there are so many important elements that have to be perfect shots every time)... I find that photographers who are skilled with weddings, but are more focused on their editorial and commercial sides, bring a little something extra to the table. Jason's work has a sense of humor. I love it. Check out this national campaign he recently did... not only are the captions halarious but the photos have such personality as well

And look at his portrait work! Lovely and raw... just how I like it... I once read an essay in college that really touched me. It spoke of how we dress up in our sunday's best for formal photo sessions- the pieces of documentation of who we are and what we were- that will forever be the proof of our existance for ages. Mothers wipe their children's mouths and comb their hair... and all the while- 90% of our lives are spent in wrinkled blouses and stained shoes and wind-swept hair and embarasing little crumbs on the corners of our mouths. Who are we kidding?


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

hi there! we love your blog and were so excited to see today that you gave jason a shout-out - anne knows him from social engagements in birmingham and he is such a nice guy! she blogged about him too recently at

It's so great to see him getting noticed!


Oh Happy Blog! said...

How lovely! Great minds think alike... I recently found this photographer so it is really wonderful to hear from those that have personal experiences with him! (And after reading your post... you are so very right... it can be so daunting to find an out-of-the-box photographer in the South... but rest assured that they are there!)