Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome Style Me Pretty Readers!

Abby over at Style Me Pretty was so very kind to include my little blog in her collection of "reader blogs". Blogs like Style Me Pretty were what inspired me to find a place to collect all of my thoughts and web "snippets" thus it was so very delightful to see that my small contribution is reaching beyond that of myself, my mother, and my newly-engaged sister. So for all of you SMP readers who may have stumbbled upon my neck of the woods...

Pull up a seat. Put on a pot of tea and make yourself at home.

Today I was browsing around and found this picture:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And of course, I immediately began to wonder how I could turn this into an event design. Sure, the stark white could be done by choosing a modern museum and with the help of lovely modern rental companies-- but what makes this so very interesting is the use of the bold patterns. How on earth can this be acheived without wallpapering the venue?!? The answer is to use lazer-cut screens or even fabric panels. These are GREAT to break up a large space and light enough to hang from exposed rafters without fear of structural damage. Here are few of my favorites:

This is actually a fabric panel. These are custom made so almost any pattern is possible!

This screen is made of plastic and would make such an interesting piece of art after the event!

These little numbers are wonderful because of their petite size! You could have fun pairing them in interesting arrangements!

A bit more opaque, these are made of recycled materials and would be AMAZING in a large space to add texture and break up the layout!

A little more whimsical than modern, these are popping up all over in the retail market.

So where to go from here? Allow the patterns to spill over onto the invitations, small details, cake, and even the linen selection. The best part about having an event that is reflective of your design style is that many of the items that you purchase can easily transition into your new home so you won't feel quite as guilty splurging here and there!

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Anne said...

Wow.... looooove the screens! Definitely a must have for the studio!! Thanks for sharing!