Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Going Vintage.... But Staying Modern....

I hope everyone has had a chance to check out Vintage Week.... as promised, I've put together a little something for those that are looking to go a little retro...

I've had brides that have used just about every era for inspiration. When such inspiration is pulled from very style-specific places (such as Victorian or Mid-Century Modern).... it can seem limiting at first. The trick is to use the inspiration as a guide for planning... but to allow yourself the flexibility to go outside of just this genre. By allowing modern interpretations of and influences from these designs to appear in your event... you will keep it fresh and it will not seem dated.

For instance.... and this is something that I have been getting quite a bit with my younger brides.... when a bride tells me "We are looking for an anti-wedding. I can't imagine myself in a bridal gown. I can't see him in a tux. We don't like fluffy flowers- can we not have flowers? I don't really want a big cake. We just want our guests to have a good time. We want something that is really vintage but a little rock star- you know?" .... (yes, I really have brides like this)... I generally take it in and interpret it something like this:

Solution A: Fall Vintage Rockstar- it is all about rich colors, textures, and a little velvet here and there... Play up the "feel" by using vintage wallpaper samples, cameos, and antique brooches throughout the event...

The Inspiration: Dita's Wedding

The Fashion:

The Flowers: (via Fresh)

The Invitation: via huetopia

Suggested Seating: (Urban Outfitters and )

Elements to Tie the Wedding Together:

The Cake:

Solution B: Spring Vintage-Mod Rockstar- This is all about ethereal romance with a twist- a design inspired by the past but so very NOW....

The Inspiration:Lula Magazine

The Fashion:

The Flowers:think poppies, kale and queen anne's lace- it's all about delicate texture

The Invitation:Unlesssomeonelikeyou (Etsy)

Suggested Seating: via Urban Outfitters

The Cake: Bakery Bar and Ann Wood


Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

LOVE your ideas! So many brides aren't exactly sure what they want until they see it all pulled together. I think you've got many of my SoCal California girls pegged!

the bridal wishlist said...

i love what you have done here. if you don't mind, i am going to add a link to this post tomorrow to my big vintage finale. just fabulous.

perfect bound said...

I can't help myself from borrowring some of these images for a future board. I don't know where to look next.

George @ TTL Wedding Photography said...

Great ideas. Thanks for sharing!