Sunday, August 26, 2007

Snapshot: Blue Olive

I have seen some beautiful portfolios lately... and this is no exception- the most impressive thing about these photos is not the bride and groom or the well-thought out details... oh no- it is the sky and the ambiance. The reason I decided to post this was to show that if you are on a tight budget then you MUST prioritize what is important to you. I always tell my brides that if you are limited on funds then you do one of three things:
1. Cut your budget to a very lucky few and do a low-frills destination wedding/honeymoon
2. Put all the funds into the food and entertainment and bar (Eat Drink and be Merry!)
3. Get a fabulous photographer that can truely see the beauty in the most modest of budgets... (aka someone with a wonderful eye, expensive camera, and GREAT with photoshop)

Obviously this is an example of number three... case in point- check out Blue Olive's site (link to the right) the guests in the main picture are actually sitting in metal - yes you heard me right- metal folding chairs... and dare I say that is still fabulous!

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