Thursday, August 30, 2007

Case Study One

This evening I went through my old journals to find inspiration and noticed how ridiculous my obsession with this industry has become... back in the early days when I had no clients and merely interned under anyone that would be willing to take me in, I started a habit of designing imaginary events... I would tear a picture of a couple from a magazine, make up a back story, and then develop an idea for their event- many times researching the perfect elements to compliment what I believed to be their distinct style and circumstance... as the years have progressed and I finally have real brides..... and budgets.... and expectations....I still practice this exercise... there is such creative freedom when there is no budget involved and no one to veto my over-the-top ideas... I am able to pull a Preston here and there in my journals and I think that my REAL designs really benefit from these little creative sessions.... thus I have decided to post a mini-version of this exercise ever so often (as my journals, though sacred to me... are unable to give me any feedback...)

The Case Study:

Meet Aldona and Carter... they met in South Africa... Aldona was there on business (she's an aspiring photographer)... and Carter was a local... and her safari guide... and really strong.

As fate would have it, Carter decides to cross the pond and pop the question... so now what? Sure his Jayson Home and Garden can co-habit her Jonathan Adler... but how on earth will their wedding ever be able to share the same cohesiveness? She wants a feminine safari feel... he just wants to avoid it being too themed and overdone... they both love to travel and want it to really capture their sense of adventure, but avoid any Indiana Jones undertones... neither is too enthusiastic about flowers, as they feel that they are too "fluffy" for their tastes.... most important to the two is that it really reflects them and their love for life and the world at large and all its inhabitants...

The Inspiration: Singita Game Reserve

My "10" Notes:

1. Oslo Press- Willow Set
2. A "dramatic aisle" : Imagine waist-high hedges of horsetail in fruitwood planters flanking either side of a dried palm aisle... I love a semi-obstructed view of the bride... it makes for such a dramatic entrance... and really allows guests to feel as though they are fortunate to view such an intimate and personal affair
3. A Rustic Arbor- I'm thinking... skip the flowers and all the fuss... a simple bone hemstitched linen draped loosely will do

4. A loosely-structured, elegant hand-tied bouquet (via i-village)

5. Ecclectic and worldly seating options for cocktail hour and post-dinner...

6. Mosquito net in leiu of chandeliers or lanterns... loosely constructed and effortless in design

7. Skip the formal tablescaping... just keep it honest...

8. Get Creative but keep minimal floral varieties.... mainly buffet pieces and/or structures here and there.. keep it simple by only incorporating exotic orchids, zebra grass, horsetails, and pheasant feathers... the key is mass numbers of one element, repeated again and again... <like this>
9. Transition from candlelit lantern dinner to full-on party with unique lighting option inspired by Africa's sunset... line the space with silhouette-printed panels, backlit in vibrant oranges... hang Artfool lanterns over dance area.... create a canopy look simular to David Stark's Gutherie Theater Opening.
10. Keep the favors thoughtful and sincere... have photographer take photos of guest throughout the night afront white linen backdrop for guestbook... then suprise them with the photo in a passport cover... with an inspiring little quote such as... "“there is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” - nelson mandela