Monday, November 5, 2007

Stroll on over to Nic Events

I am just getting around to answering the mail sent over the past week - sorry! But wanted to share a new find of mine. Nicole of Nic Events sent me a press release. I made my way over to her site today and I must say that it is lovely. She pairs her knowledge of illustration and graphic design with her recent trip to the alter- to bring you a stationary studio/event planning company that is unique in its own right. Now I know that all letterpress is lovely... and it seems that there is a new face around every online corner... but Nic Events is different- really. There is a story behind each custom piece... the invitation merges the personalities, traditions, culture, and dynamic of the couple- creating something that is not only pleasing to the eye, but endearing to the individuals as well... give her a looksie (she's a little under construction right now).. and I am sure you'll see what I mean.

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Nicole Block said...

hey, thanks so much danielle! what a lovely write up. i really appreciate it.