Tuesday, October 9, 2007

If I was a video which would I be??

Alright... a few posts back I promised a little number on wedding videography... here it is...

A few weeks ago I posted on Well Spun Wedding Films- my FAVORITE wedding videographer- but within that post, I mentioned that I did not feel that videography was necessary on a modest budget- that an amazing photographer would suffice. My comment inspired one videographer to respond- in the wee small hours of the morning- and spark what became a series of emails throughout the week back and forth, all within the wee small hours of the morning... my insomniac friend and I both plead our cases and found that we generally had the same beliefs.... generally. We both feel as though videography is so important but that the lack of quality within the industry is directly related to the fact that talented videographers must go into a commercial or art sector to find real money- leaving a hand full of sophmoric videographers with little interest in innovating the artform. You see- the talent is out there... but the market is not. Until brides become knowledgeable enough to buy-in the the artform, then there will not be quality products to choose from. A mere decade ago, wedding photography was NOTHING like it is today. We have the choice of digital or film, fashion-forward or photo-journalistic... the options and styles are endless... such COULD be the same with videography.

The first step is understanding that there is more to it then just soft edges and overlapping fades in and out of shots... just as with all vendors there are cheesy dated options and more modern ones as well. You should approach finding your style for videography much like you would choosing a photographer. To help, I have put together a sampling of what kind of bride would like the following videography techniques (and also a list of wonderful videographers below)

First up- my favorite- the vintage Super 8... This is an option that you may want to entertain if you are going for a vintage/casual feel.

Next- a "movie" quality- 16mm... Brides that are looking for a more modern wedding with colors that "POP" will enjoy this option...

And now- a mix of 8mm and 16mm- this is perfect for the bride who is looking to have those little remnents of vintage qualities, while keeping it very modern and NOW... this is the option for the contemporary bride (not too mod, not too vintage)

And now for the big boys (and girls) within the industry.... hand picked and presented to you on a silver platter... enjoy.

Well Spun Wedding Films- Amazing Super 8 quality videography! VERY affordable!Based out of Philly

Bliss Video Production- They do it all- but I especially like their 8mm and 16mm work- you MUST request a demo, if not for anything other than the amazing packaging- they are on the higher end of the budget scale- but as soon as you receive their demo you will soon see why! Based out of Cali

Jason Magbanua- He is based out of the Philippines, (my fiance and I are both half-Filipino)... so if you are seeking a destination wedding then book him early as his schedule fills fast!

Leyda Cordova with Rockmelon- she is the lovely videographer that inspired this post... and how talented she is! Based out of New York

Spencer Lum of Iris Cinemas is based out of New York and does lovely work for the contemporary bride...

DVideography- this is a videographer that is a bit more traditional in the shooting, but still worth a looksie..


Kelly | Blushink said...

Last year, while I started planning my wedding slowly, I came across Fifty-foot films... a company dedicated to 8 and 16 mm wedding footage...

I completely feel in love with this style... so unique! Being a graphic designer, I didn't want to pay for something I could do myself, and this approach was the way to go.

Coming from Canada, more specifically Montreal, this service is not available, and if it is, it would cost well over 5000$ for 2 hours of footage.

Hopefully with your great list of videographers (more specifically Well Spun weddings) I can find one that can do my wedding, well one that would be willing to travel... I am crossing my fingers!!!

Oh, and I personally think videography is important... especially if you have a good videographer. (They can capture the magic...)

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

I so agree that videography is a part of your wedding you will never regret having splurged for. I love your recommendations.

saundra, event engineer said...

I encourage all my clients to get video of their wedding, even the budget brides. Photography is fantastic, but you can't hear the speech your BFF made or the how your new husband choked up while repeating his vows.

Video is priceless AND you have to be very selective when choosing. I have only two I can recommend in my area.

Unknown said...

Amen to the girls who say "go video!"
Although I don't think video is a splurge, I think its as important as photography on so many levels.
I have video, granted, its from the dark ages- and I can't imagine not being able to show it to my kids. But yeah, they think its hysterical.

Anonymous said...

"You see- the talent is out there... but the market is not."

Very well said Danielle. You just gained a subscriber...

Anonymous said...

I agree with all, stills are great, but moving images provide a beautiful mixture of sight and sound. Though getting both photo and video can be pricey, it's worth the investement.

For our wedding we used Wideangle Weddings- www.wideangleweddings.com
who were just awesome. They made a tidy 20 minute piece of our wedding that was so moving. They also shoot film, but we went with the video option and were not disappointed.

To have that DVD is priceless!

Unknown said...

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