Monday, October 15, 2007

Going Green:

So you want to be a green bride, huh? Well if you are going to go- then PLEASE... go all out! There are so many resources available to the Green Wedding Market. It is not enough to just go green in ONE element of your day... it is important to do so throughout in order to really optimize the impact. Note, however, that this does NOT mean having a tree-hugger wedding of hemp and dandilions (no offense the the wonderful tree-hugging brides out there)... You see, the market is forming for this niche bride... and it is ever-so-concious of YOUR aesthetic and expectations with regards to service and convenience... Here are just a few of my favorites:

1. Green Karat- Diamonds are forever... and so is gold... so why buy new when there are so many lovely options already available? Mining for new diamonds and gold result in terrible effects on both our eco-systems and the inhumane work conditions for miners. Companies such as Green Karat are committed to bringing quality recycled gold and both recycled and synthetic diamonds. If you have looked into the estate ring market and found the designs to be a bit dated- then perhaps you should entertain this option, as the recycled gold can be customized to YOUR design and both the recycled and synthetic diamonds are available in shapes and sizes and clarity to meet all budgets and tastes!

2. Botanical Paperworks- I am sure that you have seen the lovely paper that can be planted... and thought that while it was great in theory- it just did not fit YOUR style... well look no further. Botanical Paperworks is reshaping this new trend. They offer everything from mini-calender save-the-dates to plantable favor boxes, invitations, and even gift tags. In addition, they offer many handmade paper options which showcase their lovely use of recycled paper.

3. California Organic Flowers- I have used this source several times- and always am impressed by the quality of service and product. They offer flowers organically grown in California- and they ship nationwide. While I understand that it is BEST to support your OWN local flowers- sometimes they are not available to all brides in all locations... if such is your situation, then consider utilizing this option and they offsetting the carbon emmissions and other effects on the earth in other parts of your wedding. Additionally, this vendor is GREAT because they take the guesswork out of flower quantities for not-so-flower-savvy brides... their pre-made "boxes" pair ample amounts of Dhalias, Callas, and Wildflowers.

4. Save The Dress- So you are not really up for the "organic and sustainable" wedding dress options.. fine. Visit this site often- where brides post their designer wedding dresses in hopes of earning back some of that money they put out for their wedding.... they have Melissa Sweet, Vera, and Ms. Lhuillier... give them a peek - and if you just sealed the deal, then perhaps you should consider this option (I know that you would love to preserve it in the BACK of your closet forever- or at least until the day that you try to force it on your daughter... but let's say that she is equally as enthusiastic about finding HER perfect gown- what then?)

5. Sillapere- I have posted on this amazingly creative design team before- but they are well worth another mention! Their talent is so ever-apparent and best of all- they are socially and environmentally concious in their designs. They can take the guess-work out of the planning process and ensure that you are actually staying on track both with the cohesive design AND your efforts in a green wedding!

6. Portovert... this is the most AMAZING resource for the eco-concious bride! It offers the perfect mesh of glam and green in order to provide a wedding that both leaves you in awe and the world less impacted. Pick up a copy from Barnes and Noble- or visit their site (their carbon emission calculator is a MUST have for any event)Their list of responsible resources is rather extensive and great to have on hand during your planning process.

Today, thousands of bloggers will be "posting green" in honor of Blog Action Day. I encourage you to visit all of the amazing wedding blogs out there and be impacted by each of their inspirations for an eco-concious tips....


People St.Clair said...

what a info-filled post,I will definitely pass it to brides and friends alike.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Todd Reed? He is an amazing jewelry artist who uses recycled gold..and his rose cut series uses recycled rose cut diamonds. STUNNING! He mostly works with raw you get a very unique take on fine jewelry. A little more character. His raw diamonds come from conflict-free areas in Australia, so no tears shed for these beauties! If you like the green-thing, check him out.

Anonymous said...

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