Sunday, September 16, 2007

Designer Showcase: Grandiflora

I couldn't help myself... it's really late- and I was only supposed to follow-up on a wedding that I am doing... but then I did it... I visited a couple of my daily reads... and there it was- On Joy's blog... an amazing floral editorial... from Grandiflora ... and it was just too tempting to resist.... and I am oh so grateful for my insomnia-driven inquisitive nature.... as it lead me to a website that defied all the laws of my own personal taboos... I mean it- I ACTUALLY found wrist corsages, garlands, chair covers, and cake flowers to be...Fresh-Lovely-Fabulous-Sophisticated... somehow my negative conotations for all of the before mentioned have been challenged, and I am finally being forced to stretch my own creativity to the limit to build upon and shape each of these innovative takes on what I believed to be, a tired and dated wedding element... it is late and I need to get a little sleep- and dream of all the possibilities that a few old blooms and a few new ideas have to offer... good night.


bride of rochester said...

That flower on her dress in the first picture kills me. It's so perfect I can practically smell it.

People St.Clair said...

The first photo is so beautiful. The styling is perfect. That photo is just wonderful.

Faire La Fete Productions said...

Oh wow! I love how each design is so refreshing..and their website is to die for!