Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hello World...

Name's Danielle. I'm an event designer by day, and a student studying Communications Design by night. And I'm blogging. My cramped little dwelling is piled to the top with inspiration journals, client presentation boards, design magazines, vintage fabric swatches, and timeless doo-dads galore. Swimming amongst all of these little treasures are the two loves of my world- my fiance, Jay, and my laptop... both have been the main motivators for starting this blog, as we will surely drown in a sea of pretty little things if I don't find an outlet soon.

So what should you expect?

1. A glimpse into the thoughts and inspirations that drive my designs

2. Fabulous finds that I simply must share with someone (lucky you!)

3. Vendor showcasing from all ends of the globe

4. Assistance with your designs... from my neck of the woods to yours

5. Perhaps I will showcase my growing portfolio here and there

6. My love affair with my elementary friend- and my plans for our big day

7. Being completely obsessed with magazines, vintage finds, and inspiring blogs- ready to piggy back on a thought and further spread the creative process

8. And who knows what else- lets not give it all away just yet...

Hang on tight and enjoy the ride!


Anonymous said...

OMG. I'm sooo excited. I've been waiting for an event blogger. It's my dream job - and you my friend, will be my guilty pleasure.

Nicole :-)

Oh Happy Blog! said...

What kind words! I look forward to supplying you with your daily fix...

Monica said...

I came across Oh Happy Blog for the first time today, though it would seem that I saw it two months ago when I began my own blog as a Milwaukee wedding planner and designer with J.Cricket Events, as I have found more than a few similarities in style, word choice... I have been meaning to add a vendor list as I see you have done. It makes me incredibly curious to meet you. All that to say, I shall be adding you to my daily read.

Anonymous said...