Monday, August 27, 2007

Dreaming of Snow and Edward Scissor Hands

The heat in Florida has been maddening this summer... and this is from a gal that LOVES the sunshine... Lately, however, it has made me crave the winter from my childhood in which my family was transplanted to Maine. The snow and blankets of white- the silver skies... the hot chocolate and sugared toast treats- ahhhh.....
Ice Culture is a company from Canada that I would love to one day have the pleasure of working with... normally I find ice sculptures to be a bit pompous and a big waste (as they seem to turn into this sopping wet mess by the stroke of midnight) but this company could easily make me swoon for their creations... I especially love their beaded ice wall- and really appreciate their artistic and modern approach to sculpting... they'd do ole Tim Burton proud.

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