Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bag Lady....Retro Bride

I just found a GREAT content-rich blog- Weddings by Socialites... (link to right)... sometimes I find long-winded sites loose my attention (how ironic huh?) ... but this one kept me going, even without the pretty eye candy every so often....

Amongst her many wonderful posts, I found one that stood out- it involved what one should put into a welcome bag... this is something that I hear almost every time that I deal with out-of-town guests or destination weddings....

Thus I have decided to start a new series of posts dedicated to putting together a thoughtful and unique bag to fit each wedding... the 10 main rules that I have are:

-Always have water, maps, iteneraries, and important numbers, contacts, and info
-Give them a container that is large enough to hold the items but easily transported back home
-Give them a drink- they just travelled a long ways and need to relax
-Give them a snack- to soften the blow of the drink (airplane food stinks!)
-Give them logistics - sunscreen for the beach, bugspray for the park, etc
-Give them something personal- something that is personalized to your event
-Give them something practical - something that they will think "My so nice of you to think of that"
-Give them something to do- a ticket to somewhere, a drink to the cabana ticket, whatever
-Give them something fun- a favor of sorts and NO you don't have to re-give another at the reception
-Give them something thoughtful-- this is MANDATORY- write a little note about how you appreciate their sacrafices to make it to your wedding...

Alright enough with the rules... here we go!

The Inspiration: Fara's Board via Style Me Pretty (A Young, Retro-Chic Fun Bride)

The Bag:

Adorable vintage "Welcome to Wahwah" available via Oh Happy Shopping (link to right)... give guests a pre-stamped novelty postcard to send home....
Jones Soda Offeres the option of ordering custom labels in packs of 12, Spitfiregirl has these sweet and sassy hankies, and One Girl Cookies offers these delicious little yummies
Provide the local newspaper, or go the extra mile and find the entertainment paper local to your wedding (which will provide places of interest, festivals, and general happenings around town)... Provide a ticket to the local carnival- what a fun way to get with all your out of town guests and catch up! (or if this is too pricey then opt to give a ticket for a complimentary funnel cake should they choose to except the invitation...)


People St.Clair said...

ok, you're now one of my favorite blogs! If I was traveling for a wedding I'd love to receive these items when I arrived. Plus so many people put a lot of stuff that sometimes goes unused. Thanks for breaking it down. Can't wait to see everything else you post.

Oh Happy Blog! said...

Thanks- I feel so lucky... so many kind words in my first week of the blog... and from people whose blogs I do so admire and visit on a regular basis! FYI- I am a newbie to the scene and I know that I am... so please know that all constructive criticism is not only welcome but asked for...

Big Shot said...

Perfect post. Just forwarded it to my fiance - he's in charge of the welcome bags :)

Lindsay H. said...

those bottle labels remind me of ones i saw on http://www.labelsonthefly.com/wedding-labels.html
they look really cool
love the ferris wheel ticket too